Financial Literacy

BPI Foundation cares about the financial wellness of the communities it serves. To further equip Filipinos with tools that will help them lead comfortable lives, the Foundation has set up financial literacy and empowerment programs that enable Filipinos here and abroad to gain knowledge on good financial habits, financial instruments and investment options. The programs are tailor-fit for the respective financial goals and capabilities of kids, teens, young professionals, overseas Filipinos, farmers and more.

Core Program
BPI Foundation integrates financial education in K-12 curriculum
through Manny and Me and BPI Shape
August 01, 2016
In time for the start of the new school year, BPI Foundation is rolling out two financial education programs targeting elementary and senior high students enrolled in partner public and private schools.  
The first program, Manny & Me, teaches children in Grades 3 and 4 the importance of saving, while BPI SHAPE (Senior High School Acceleration Program for Employment & Entrepreneurship) is a values-driven skills development, entrepreneurship and financial management program for senior high school students taking the technical-vocational track under the K to 12 program.
Jasmin Regalado, 9, a student from Pembo Elementary School, Makati, says she “enjoys Manny and Me activities” taught by her math teacher.

“The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region today, giving people the chance to have more financial power than before. However, without the proper financial education, all these will only go to waste if we do not understand how money works,” said Fidelina Corcuera, BPI Foundation Executive Director.   “

With programs like Manny & Me and BPI SHAPE, BPI Foundation is able to integrate basic financial education and entrepreneurship at the primary level, enhance young Filipinos’ financial knowledge and skills by integrating it at the senior high school level, and accelerate them to financial freedom, regardless of their chosen path—whether they choose to start their own businesses, become ‘agripreneurs,’ join the workforce, be self-employed professionals, or work overseas.”  

A study conducted by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in 2011 showed that only one out of four Philippine households had some form of savings.  In a country where 26% of the population lives under the poverty line, to foster a culture of saving especially within the young generation, is the first step forward towards achieving financial empowerment.



Grade 3 students from Pembo Elementary School, Makati, undergo the Manny and Me program, which enables teachers to include financial literacy modules and activities in values and math subjects.

Manny & Me   Manny & Me is introduced at an age where children begin to distinguish between needs and wants, and their brain development is able to conceptually grasp the concept of money, and accept more responsibility in handling money.  It is also at this age when children are given allowances. Furthermore, entrepreneurship and life skills begin to be integrated at this level in the Department of Education’s (DepEd) approved curriculum for Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP).   The program was conceptualized in response to key findings from several research initiatives which show that only 13% of parents believe that their children have an appreciation of the value of money (Prudential, 2011) – though almost all parents (96%) think it is important to learn about it. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) estimates that only 31,000 Filipino children currently have their own savings account.       BPI Foundation piloted the program with the launch of a web game for children called Piggy’s Coin Run to 1,836 children from 17 public and private elementary schools in Makati and Taguig. The web game was created by BPI Foundation in collaboration with JoomaJam, an up and coming social enterprise that creates fun learning online games with engaging music and visuals.   

Manny & Me also comes with a Teacher’s Manual for the elementary school teachers, which can be integrated in the Math and Araling Panlipunan curriculum, and reinforcing activities designed specifically for parents in the home setting.   

For its initial phase, BPI Foundation trained a total of 104 teachers from partner schools such as Guadalupe Viejo Elementary School, Fort Bonifacio Elementary School, East Rembo Elementary School, Comembo Elementary School, Pembo Elementary School, Tibagan Elementary School, Cembo Elementary School, Bangkal Elementary School, Hen. Pio del Pilar Elementary School, F. Benitez Elementary School, La Paz Elementary School, Palanan Elementary School, and San Antonio Village Elementary School.


BPI SHAPE modules to teach Grade 11 Senior High School Students on Financial Literacy and Basic Entrepreneurship.


BPI Foundation launched BPI SHAPE in  support  of  Republic  Act  (RA)  10533  or  the  Enhanced  Basic  Education  Program.  RA  10533  puts  focus  on  developing  appropriate  strategies  and  mechanisms needed  to  ensure  the smooth transition from the 10-year basic education program to the enhanced basic education program, now known as K to 12.  

“The  private  sector  plays  a  very  important  role  during  the  senior  high  years of  the  program,  where students  will  do  immersions,  internships,  and  other  supplemental  training  in  various  companies  and organizations for them to learn from real-life experiences. We want to be there for these students,” said Corcuera. 

BPI  SHAPE  assists  government  in  developing industry-relevant  technical-vocational-livelihood  and technology  livelihood  education  modules  for  senior  high  school  teachers  and  students. Aside  from  module  development,  BPI  SHAPE  facilitates  school  to  industry  partnerships  to  allow  senior high school students to gain work experience while studying.   

BPI  SHAPE  core  program  interventions  include  content  development,  where  the  program  develops modules  aligned  to  the  DepEd  curriculum  on  entrepreneurship,  financial  management,  and  personal development. BPI SHAPE likewise offers Teacher Training for all end users of the BPI SHAPE modules and provides professional mentoring by BPI Foundation, BPI Bank Employees and experts to partner schools of the program.   

Pilot sites of the BPI SHAPE will be at DepEd Divisions Taguig and Pateros and Division of Laguna. BPI Foundation recently held Teacher Trainings for these schools, attended by 50 teachers each, as well as DepEd Schools Division Superintendents Dr. Benjamin Samson and Dr.  Josilyn Solana, and DepEd USec. Mario Deriquito, Undersecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages.  


Grade 11 students from Bagumbayan High School of Lower Bicutan undergo the BPI SHAPE curriculum on personal development.

“We  picked  these  sites  to  pilot  test  the  program  as  both  sites  have  a  perfect  blend  of  rural  and  urban settings,” said Corcuera.  “Through  this  project,  BPI  Foundation  will  be  able  to  provide financial empowerment to at least five schools of  the two DepEd Divisions. This will benefit more than 2,000 senior high school students.”  

Mainstreaming financial education  

With both programs running in close alignment and coordination with the DepEd, BPI Foundation is hoping to reach out to more schools and eventually mainstream financial education.   

“Our goal is to educate as many Filipinos as we can on how to manage their finances well. In addition to freeing them from debt, financial literacy would also allow them to invest their money in activities that will not just uplift them and their families, but will uplift their fellow Filipinos and contribute to the country’s economy as well,” said Corcuera.

“We at BPI Foundation believe that financial education will ultimately boost financial inclusion.”

Core Program
Creating Financially-Savvy Citizens
Starting with Kids
December 10, 2016
A study conducted by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in 2011 showed that only one out of four Philippine households had some form of savings.  In a country where 26% of the population lives under the poverty line (PSA, 2014), to foster a culture of saving especially within the young generation, is the first step forward towards achieving financial inclusion.
Third grade students pose with their hand-crafted coin banks made of used plastic bottles during the launch of Manny and Me at Bangkal Elementary School.

To equip more Filipino people with the right financial mindset and financial management tools, BPI Foundation launched their newest program, Manny and Me – a financial literacy program tailor-fit for kids in primary school.

Launched during a roadshow last December 2015, Manny and Me educates the basics of financial management to children, while providing guidance to teachers and parents in order to sustainably support their growth and development into financial wellness.

A third grade student  plays Piggy's Coin Run, the interactive web game of Manny and Me.

Aside from the curriculums and guides for both teachers and parents, the most interesting feature of Manny and Me is its fun web application for kids. Piggy’s Coin Run, a web game created by BPI Foundation in collaboration with JoomaJam, teaches kids to identify needs from wants by making them collect coins and items they need for everyday life in order to save. Once they arrive at the finish line, whatever they have collected will be then be deposited in the bank and will then multiply.

The game teaches children the cycle of spending and saving and that both actions are decided daily, throughout life. What is important is to educate and equip children with the right mindset when it comes to money and responsible spending.

Third-graders from St. Paul College Makati listen to the lecture on the basics of saving.

The launching of Manny and Me was done in five public schools (East Rembo Elementary School, Cembo Elementary School, Comembo Elementary School, Bangkal Elementary School, Guadalupe Viejo Elementary School) and two private schools (Don Bosco Technical Institute, St. Paul College) in Makati City from December 9-18, 2015. A total of 1,548 Grade 3 students were present during the school caravans.  

Each launch started with a short lecture on how to save, followed by a coin bank-making activity using recycled soda bottles. The top ten students with best coin banks became entitled to try the web game application.  

During the roadshow, Globe Telecoms provided the netbooks and internet connections used in the game demo. 

“This is the first time a financial education initiative has been rolled out in our school. We would like to thank BPI Foundation for this program for kids and we hope that there will also be other financial education programs targeted to other levels. We welcome these types of interventions,” said Fr. Alex Garces, SDB, Rector of Don Bosco Technical Institute during the launch.  

BPI Foundation advocates increased awareness among the youth on the importance of financial management through Manny and Me. The program aims to address the gap in financial education as it is not part of the basic curriculum at the elementary level. The Foundation continues to develop financial education programs for young children, teens, young professionals, household heads and Overseas Filipinos.

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